Privilege "Modify Default Report Methods" required the privilege "Save Reporting methods"?


If I want to change the report method properties, what privileges I need to assign to my user type? I want to activate the "sign off" function for an existing report and I don't know what privileges are needed? Is it enough to give the privileges "Save Reporting Method" and "Modify Report Report Methods" to my user type? Or do I need more privileges to change the report method properties?


  • I think that should be enough. Alternatively, if you know the Username or Usergroup of someone who already has this privilege, then you can right click and view properties of that user/user group and see what items are ticked next to their name and copy that.
  • MJS
    In addition to the "Save Reporting Methods," there is a "Specify Report Methods for Sign Off" privilege that you need to activate the feature.