Can we create a new user type "local Admin" to perform administration work?


We use the Empower 3 Enterprise Software, Build 3471 and want to create a new user type "local Admin" for our local administration group. We don't want to use the Empower Administrator group because the user type has the rights e.g. to delete projects or user groups. This is for our routine work not appropriate. If we want to remove these rights to the new user type "local Admin" we also have to remove the right "Administrator" under the tab "Management" under the user type properties.

Is it possible to do that or is it mandatory to have the right "Administrator" activated to create or change user rights with our new user type "local Admin"? Is there a link between the right "Administrator" and the other rights to organize the user rights?


  • You would not need the Administrator activated to create or change user rights. Check the system help for "Assigning and modifying user type privileges" for the descriptions of privileges that you may need.

    Administrator, and the Administrator check box, is a very high level access. It is ideally restricted to IT personnel. 
  • MJS
    We used a "group admin" profile years ago and gave them everything but the "full admin" and any "delete" privileges.  If I recall correctly (we just don't use it any more), there were only two things that they really couldn't do as a result of not having the "full admin" checkbox.  One was view all projects by default so existing projects had to be edited to add their group for access.  The other was run SQT.  This was on Emp2 FR3, so the permissions and such may have been tweaked since then, but again, we haven't used it since then.