Result Set First when a component custom field is included?

I have a peak real calculated custom field which calculates the average area of samples with the same label divided by a value entered into a component custom field called Factor. The formula is SAME.%..AVE(Area)/Factor. If the search order is set to Result Set First, which value for Factor is taken into consideration? Is it only the value in the first result set, an average value across all result sets or does the custom field crash because it only functions without the inclusion of a component custom field?

Cant test this for a while so anyone with experience of search orders can ye answer this? Thanks.


  • My understanding is result set first will search for labels in the result data set. No labels then extends to data set of whole project.

    Stick to result set only, I have never used Outside first and outside only  

    Not sure of order , first component in table ?

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