Trying to put 2 tables side by side Empower 3 report

I have 2 components and I want an All Peaks Table to show Samplename, Result ID, Amount and Corrected_Amount (a peak CF). Because this is only a small table I wanted to put them side by side on the report table, which is a summary by all as its taking in 10 samples. But when I position them next to each other with or without grouping, they look all disjointed on the report method in Preview- the first table is slightly down a bit and the table next to it is sticking up and overlapping into the header! I tried putting a page break before and after these 2 tables but it still displays lopsided and messy.  

Is there any way to get it to position neat and correct, maybe even using a composite filter? There is a field common to both components called Lot Number and I could filter by this to "stick" the position of the 2 tables neatly next to each other. I did this kind of set up before with a chromtatogram and a peaks table order by Injection ascending and Date Acquired ascending so I know its possible but I cant do it for 2 summary tables, any tips?


  • yeah I would avoid even trying tables side by side

    Even grouping does not fix this in preview window and landscape is more of a headache !

    tips - tables below each other sorry unless I am missing something  

  • Yeah i tried Landscape but it still wouldnt line up neatly. It seems to work fine when you are matching up a chromatogram with a peak table and then composite the two but two tables never display correctly.
    There is an option called Snap to Grid but that would affect the look of my other groups on previous pages so i think ill just leave it as the tables underneath each other!
  • Grouping the tables together should resolve. 
  • No, grouping didn't work for me. I tried playing around with the Snap to Grid option and have table naturally snap to the nearest dot reference on the report method page and when the two tables were snapped to the same horizontal series of dots, I grouped them together and tried again. But same old thing of one table being displayed higher than the one next to it and they aren't lining up at all. Odd.