Empower server slowness issue

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When they open Empower Software Application from desktop Empower Icon from server or any of the client PCs it is taking  four to five minutes.
Why this is happening. Give me advice how to solve this issue.


  • Hi, really need a bit more detail. Is this Empower Enterprise with the DB at another site? Does it run normally after you logon? Just one logon or others also? Slowness could be many things. Check the tnsping times from client to DB. Check the local machine for memory and how long since a fresh reboot. Give better details and I can try to list some ideas to check. Good luck! ~ John
  • Dear John 
    Fist of all DB is on the site,
    No, it does not run normally after logon,
    Just not one logon but also other logon and other jobs,
    Every week reboot server clearly,
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    Hi, if it was running well in the past it could be your message center and audit log being very large. The users session, the instrument Lace, DB all on same site? 1 box or more, Citrix, number of users and lace and instruments?
    • How many records are listed? When was your last message center purge and audit log archive and remove?
    • What exact version of E3 are you running? 
    If it has never run well it may be anything including network or memory resources. Do a command from the Lace command prompt;
    • TNSPING E3-DB-NAME:1523  11
    and revert. (If that does not work you will need to add the listener port at the end of the server name. Most systems this command just should work.) You could also list the tnsname.ora file and ping times.
    Empower can be complex so finding why users report slowness can be a challenge. You need to provide more information. Does this site have a basic list with summary info for E3? ~ regards, John

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