CF text string error

Hi ,

CF text strings do not seem to be working anymore and give a result of the sum ie (-60004 and -60002 used an now giving -80008)

I know formula is correct and breaking down each Boolean results is correct ie result =   NA

Any thoughts thanks


  • You likely have two instances in your custom field that are coming "true".

    I would suggest either limiting the test case that causes both strings to come true, or if it consistent, then create a formula to add the undesired code via mathematical addition. 

    I won't get into the details, but I had a created a custom field once that always came true for two coded scenerios (both missing and unknown peak) I added (because the codes are negative values) the database code I didn't need and moved on.
  • indeed a code error thanks

    now sorted although using Sum function in report where 'not detected, BPQL and values used now shows -600020 , assuming summing code error as before Ie cannot have text for SUM function to work ?

  • No, you can not because the sum function isn't "smart" and will sum the negative values. The same thing will also happen if you use a LIMS system; instead of getting BPQL coming through to LIMS, you will see the database code (-60004).

    What you will need to do is create a duplicate custom field and have that field use -50,000 as the value. This will be a blank cell. You can then perform the sum on this duplicated custom field that will now be populated with empty cells for all of the ND and BPQL translations.

  • I have heard of times too where the likes of -50000 only worked properly when it was split up into -1*50000 or -1*60002, plus the All or Nothing needs to be ticked for this to display properly.
  • thanks , I think all or nothing has no influence in a intersample calculation  
  • Infact I read somewhere for test strings to work 'All or nothing' must be ticked , although it seems to be working in this case , not sure why
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