Empower 3 'Filter by' change in default

Hi all, I use Empower 3 regularly and make use of a specific 'filter by' option to view data. When a folder is created and this filtering option is copied across, the 'default' filter is automatically set as the primary view. Is there a way to set our own 'filter by' option as the primary without having to select 'Save Preferences of Multiple Views' numerous times in numerous folders? Either that of to change what the 'default' option shows to align with our needs?


  • Can you make new projects based off a parent or template project where all your views are set as desired and make sure every User has access to this parent project, that way the preferences for all new projects should copy across, similar to Table Preferences. 
    Either that or alter the default view to match what you need. Im not sure "Default" appears in the list of View Filters- try editing the default view and save as Default and see if Empower allows the overwrite.  
  • Hi, thanks for the help. I am able to adjust the default view to match my needs but this would need adjusted for multiple projects/tabs so will be quite time consuming. Do you know of a way to adjust/create a 'filter by' option within the 'configure the system' window? I can't seem to find it.
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