Default Peak and varying a custom field formula

I have a peak enum custom field set to use as field and the formula is:


ENUM(LT(Area,CCalRef1[CConst1]),GTE(Area,CCalRef1[CConst1])) 0 is set to “Below Limit” and 1 is set to Area (fc)

I have 4 known peaks – API and API Imp 1, API Imp 2 and API Imp 3. I set API as my default peaks and set a curve ref of API against my 3 impurities. This works fine for all my knowns and unknowns, but I need to change the CConst1 value for only API Imp 1 from 10000 (In CConst1) to 20000. But when I put 20000 in CConst1 of API Imp 1 it still calculates using the CConst1 of API, no doubt because the formula is pointing it to “CCalRef1[CConst1]” but if I take out the CCalRef1 then I get nothing for my unknowns.

I tried changing it to CCompRef1[CConst1] but that only gave 1 result for the API which has CCompRef against the default peak..


I would rather not make a second CF to account for this one API Impurity that has a different limit, is there any way around this do you know?

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    I found the solution to this by adding two component CFs of the name Lower Range and Upper Range and set varying values against these components for  my peaks. Then I set the value for the different impurity as I needed it and left the default peak value as standard so that all the unknowns were based off this value. 


  • Maybe you need to expand out the current CF to include additional value 20000 in another CConst

    something like ENUM(LT(Area,CCalRef1[CConst1]),LT(Area,CCalRef1[CConst2]),GTE(Area,CCalRef1[CConst1])) with 0 and 1 below limit  or could you use text string -60008 perhaps

    sorry I don't have access to Empower at the moment

  • Thanks ydan but my issue is I want to keep the CConst value as it is to allow for any changes in the Impurity peaks over the life of the method and not to create a new CF for each change. I don't fully understand how the default peak works for some follow-on CF like this. I have my API ticked as default peak and I know the unknowns will calculate based off this default peak. My problem is the second argument, where I want a different value for CConst1 for one of my known peaks. I tried changing the second argument to just GTE(Area,CConst1) and put my new value against CConst1 of the Impurity and this worked fine for the knowns but im getting a blank for the unknowns!

    Im wondering too how does Empower calculate CFs for unknowns using the default peak, does it always go back to the peak ticked as default? Say for example you had a percent impurity CF and you wanted to see where it lies in a range of Below CConst1, Between CConst 1 and CConst2 and Greater Than CConst2- for the unknowns, does Empower always use the CConst1-3 values populated for the default peak as it doesn't have any other reference to go by? But..can you alter the CConst values for the Knows so its not tied down to CCalRef1[CConstn]? I don't understand how I got a value when I did this for the knowns and then blank for the unknowns- any ideas?
  • First, I am not sure if I clearly understand your problem. 

    Empower should be using the CConst values for the individual peaks in question. In an impurity project I took on for the company that I work for and used the CConst1 values to use a different RRF multiplier for known impurities. A Default Peak was specified for the API as well. The individual CConst1 values for the named components were all used; none defaulted back to the default peak. 

    In your posts, you mention "unknowns". Are those unknowns named in any way? If the unknowns are not named in the component tab of the PM, you need to ensure you tick "All or nothing" in the relevant custom fields as well as make sure the custom fields are running on "All" peak types. 
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