Upgrading from Empower 3 FR3 to Empower 3 FR5

Can anyone please share the procedure for upgrading from Empower 3 FR3 to FR5 in enterprise environment ? Actually we are preparing sop for upgradation.please help this matter. 


  • 1) Make sure you have a current software support plan (prerequisite to getting FR5 media)
    2) Make your wishes known to Waters
    3) Receive quotation and pay for time they will spend assisting you once the scope of required services has been worked out. They may show up or they may remote in...

    I suspect your SOP on the matter should be short and sweet - let Waters assist your IT people in making the transition and specify what testing protocol you want to follow if it is something other than what's offered by Waters. Depending on the size of your installation, you may want to run old and new servers concurrently and transition geographically convenient groups from the old to the new a bit at a time.

    Going from FR3 to FR5 will also require fresh installations on all LACEs, fat clients, Citrix servers, validation thereof (if required in your SOPs) and (most likely) fresh instrument methods as this is also a good time to update your driver pack, ICF etc.

    Best of luck...
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