Unable to open processing method

While opening processing method error message "Database error, unable to continue" observed, then I try to check the methim properties " Project MFC APPLICATION"  was displayed.
 What was the issue.


  • Is there enough tablespace in your project? Is the PM locked? Is the PM appropriate to the data under review ie are you applying a regular PM to PDA data? 

    Any messages in the Message Centre with more detail? Try logging off and on as well, then try again. 
  • 1) enough tablespace 1400MB
    2) No lock for method, regular pm
    3) no message s in msg center.
    4) tried do many times log off and login still it is.
    5) we are taken backup and restored in other environment still it is

  • Could be a corrupt PM. Methods like PMs and instrument/report methods sometimes get corrupt or could be corrupt in another project and carried over causing current issue in the project. 
    Try creating a new PM from scratch, name it different to the one causing the issues and see if that works. 
  • Thanks for info, but I want to know what is the root cause, why it is behaving suddenly
  • That's why it could be behaving like that- the method has become corrupt. Try making a new one and use that on your data. If it works fine, corruption was the most likely cause. 
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