Empower3. Work with custom fields


i need help.

I have a sequence where the standard after the subject is required.

2 formulas are registered in custom fields ( results set only):
std% ... AVE (area)
area / std% ... AVE (area)

I need to achieve with these formulas:
1.find out the average value of the area in the standards
2.so that in the test the peak area is divided by the average area in the standard

it turns out that after processing in the report on the first standard my formula calculating the average area does not work, since there is no data on the second standard (lebel std2)

in the test report, the second formula also does not consider it true, since the second std has not yet been calculated, and the formula has not calculated the average std area

How to make the formula in 1 standard take into account the results from subsequent chromatograms of one result set?

Best Answer


  • Label your unknown samples U0101, U0102... Change processing for your unknown to Don't process or report. Then add a line before the summarize line to quantitate your unknowns (Quantitate, label reference U*). Then Empower will build a complete calibration curve from all standards before quantitating your sample. No custom field needed.
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