Empower 3 (FR5): How to configure Empower 3 that only one session is possible on Windows Server 2016

Our  Empower 3 (FR5) Installation is running on a Windows 2016 Server (with two Windows 10 Ent. Clients). Is it possible to configure Empower that only one Empower 3 session could be started on one Client?

Currently a single user can start several Empower 3 sessions on one Client Computer (I think this also possible on the server and the second Client PC). I want to limit the Empower 3 sessions to one session for each Client PC.


  • I think there is a System Policy on this. View< System Policies. Under User Account, and Login Window Policies. Tick the "Don't allow multiple logons". 
  • I believe this setting being referenced only impacts the physical login window for each Empower instance.

    Though altering this setting will certainly make it more difficult for a user to connect using multiple accounts, there is nothing that will prevent the savvy user from simply establishing a new citrix connection for every desired login.

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