Is it possible to edit sample set table in preview publisher?


Under preview publisher I was wondering if you can customize the preset "Sample Set Methods". It is showing extra information that is always blank/not needed in our company (i.e. RI Sensitivity, Sample Matrix, etc.) and I'm just trying to make the report look more organized and concise.

Is there any way to update this or make a new report that pulls the information of a sample set that was created/not acquired yet?

Thanks in advanced!

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  • MJS
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    Just to note...questions like this probably belong on the Informatics part of the forum.  It may get a faster response than this hardware-focused forum.

    Other than the minimal options you get when you click into the properties regarding what items are included/excluded, I don't believe there are any other customization options in the default Sample Set Method Group.

    However, if you don't mind making the effort, I'm pretty sure just about all of the information in the default group is available as individual fields/tables.  Those typically allow for more refined customization as you only add the fields you want and can omit blank columns in tables or just change which columns are present in the first place.

    While not everyone can do it with their quality systems, I simply rely on electronic review and omit just about all "extra" information, relying on Empower's linking of a channel/injection to results, signoffs, and the PMs and IMs that generated those results, etc.  I detail a few things on the report I generate, but that report is solely used for data review/signoff and we rarely ever print anything, again, relying on Empower's full traceablity between these various elements.  My reports will typically include references to ID numbers/revisions for processing methods, instrument methods, report methods, but no info regarding the contents of those methods.