issues with report method layout

i'm building a few new report methods, and i have some layout issues. 
In the report publisher everything is nice ordered following the fine grid option. But when it's "printet" weird spaces sometimes sneak in prior to tables, for instance i use a page break, then place a summary table, the summary table then starts in the middle of the page, and a table that was placed next to it, start at the top of the page. 
Hope someone can help me, kind regards Phillip
bonus question: The LC calibration point table always seen to "print" two identical tables??? 


  • 1) Side by side tables is always "risky business".  Grouping them *might* help (and it might not).

    2) If you are printing via a Citrix Client stack, the printer drivers in use there may be the problem.

    3) If you are "processing normally" for standards and then calibrating at the end of the sample set, you'll get duplicate results for the standards. File that under "computer doing what it's told instead of what you wanted" and delete the calibrate line post standards.
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