Summary custom field syntax- need some clarity

One of the rules of syntax in Empower 3 when using summary custom fields is as follows:

"When processing individual results and using an inter-sample summary such as AVE, SUM, MAX etc, results that are processed after the current result are not considered as a target result. This means that when using summary equations, results must be batch processed. For example, S%.%..AVE(Area) will not operate unless it is batch processed."

Does this mean that if processing individual results (from Injections or Channels tab) with S in the label, that you need to select all the injections/channels that you want the equation calculated for and then process them together by right clicking and selecting process so you get a set of results which will average the area from those injections only? I presume that's what it means. 

Or does it mean that if your batch process summary custom fields like this, that ONLY the injections you select will be included and wont include all the other result sets in the project the way it does if you had a search order of Result Set First and batch processed a sample set to generate a result set? Another rule of syntax is that any injections processed individually must have both a label and a search order of Result Set First or Outside First so is this essentially the same thing?


  • I believe this means unless you process the sample set the summary function custom fields will not calculate.

    The trigger for the summary functions is the "summarize custom fields" function from within the sample set. Unless you process by sample set, this trigger will not be sent and therefore summary functions will not calculate.

  • Thanks shaunwat i tested this today and summary calcs will still function without Summarize custom fields but a rolling summary is for an average of 3 injections for amount, the 1st will simply return that injections amount, the second will return the average of the 1st and 2nd injection and the 3rd injection returns the correct average amount..