Weight and purity of reference standards in the report

Dear all,

I want to create a report method in Empower. I added the table "LC Calibration point information" which shows all injections of the standards. I think it should be possible to add the columns "Purity" and "Value" in this table. Both values are edited during creation of the sample set (using the button "Amounts").
Do you known were I can find the corresponding columns?

Thanks in advance!


  • Its not possible to add any Component custom fields to a report unless they are transformed into a peak, real, calculated custom field. For the formula just enter the corresponding field name. So your first CF formula will be simply the field Value and the second will be Purity. Save the CFs and give them meaningful names like Purity and Value. Then these fields can be selected under the "Peak" part of the report method tree and renamed under Column Properties to match what you want.
  • This approach is also really handy if you use Label Claim as a component CF.