I need a custom field equation in Empower 3


I want a custom field equation to calculate % amount:


1- I inject 6 standards in the beginning of the sequence then 3 unknown samples and I want to calculate the % amount in the unknown samples
 2- so I want to take the average area of this 6 standards, then when I open each unknown samples I will need to know" % amount "

so, please help


  • Peak, Real, Calculated custom field. Set Sample Type to All and Peak Type to All. Search Order is typically Result Set Only which means you process a sample set to generate a result set. You will need to label all your standards so for example put the label of S1 or S0101 against the 6 injections of standards. Then your formula becomes:


    Then when you click down through your 3 unknowns it should take the area of each component in the unknown and divide it by the average of the component area in the 6 standards.

    If you want to exclude it calculating for the standards (ie you hardly want the Area of the standard/Average area of 6 standards) then throw in a Bool condition at the start of the formula:

    EQ(Sample Type,"Unknown")*(Area*100)/(S%.%..AVE(Area))

  • Oh and you need to add the Line "Summarize Custom Fields" at the end of the sample set for this cf to work..
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