Targetlynx: Way to reprocess existing .qld with different CAL file (.cdb)?


I have several existing Targetlynx files (.qld) that contain manual integrations and have been processed with a particular calibration curve file (.cdb). I would like to reprocess the .qld files with a different calibration file (.cdb), but don't want to manually integrate everything in the .qld files again. Is there any way to do this?

Thank you


  • Hi rbrase,

    I'm not EXACTLY sure what you are asking but I'm going to take a shot at an answer.....

    The .qld file contains no raw data, it is effectively a report of processed data, so to create a new .qld, you should find the raw data (the sample list is the best way), create a new TargetLynx method with the appropriate processing parameters and reprocess which will create a new .qld.

    I know this may be oversimplified, so if this is obvious, I apologize in advance.