Is RT Reference used much in Empower 3 processing methods?

For an RT Reference to be effective when dealing with shifting retention times, it has to be a peak that is present in every injection and needs to be sufficiently well resolved from the other peaks. In my experience, not many methods can satisfy this without some form of mis-identification, and if an RT ref peak isn't present its classed as a Fault. I see a lot of people use it thinking it calculates RRT but I always use Rel RT Ref and that has always worked fine for me by calculating the RT Ratio which can be renamed and added to reports as needed to compare correct RRT values. 

I don't see the use for RT Ref myself but am curious as to how many people here use it regularly?


  • MJS
    I don't use it in anything.  RT Ratio is much more useful in my opinion.
  • RT Ratio here (despite a very non-intuitive name).
  • We use it to identify peaks for complex RP peak patterns (>20-30 peaks). In combination with the peak match function, it's usually very successful.