How to use a Bool Custom Field


I try to create a custom field, which can decide if the peak area in the sample solution is less or equal than the peak area in a specific reference solution.
I think I should use the data type "Bool", rigth?
Is this possible, or can the area in the sample solution only be compared to a fix value?

Thanks in advance!


  • Yes, you can do this using a Peak, Bool, Calculated custom field. Set your sample type to All to include both the standard and sample for consideration and set peak type to All. Search order is generally Result Set Only depending on your local SOP.

    You need to label your specific reference solution when making the sample set for example Ref. Is it just 1 injection of this reference solution? If so, Then your formula becomes LT(Area,Ref.1.(Area)) and if you only need it for one particular peak you can set that peak as CCalRef1 in your processing method and the formula then becomes LT(CCalRef1[Area],Ref.1.(CCalRef1[Area]) and if you want to display only results for sample injections you can tag on at the end:

    LT(CCalRef1[Area],Ref.1.(CCalRef1[Area]) +EQ(Sample Type,"Standard")*-1*50000 (make sure All or Nothing is set to Yes for this).

    If its an average of the injections in the Ref solution the formula becomes

    LT(Area,Ref.%..AVE(Area)) and add a Summarize Custom Fields as last line in Sample Set if so.

    Leave the Use as to Position and your entries can be something like 0 = Outside of Optimum Area and 1 = Less than area of ref solution.

  • Great - many thanks!
    Now the custom field works :D!!