Results not generated in interactive system suitablity mode

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I have started a sample set in interactive system suitability mode but didn't get results and sample set stopped with system suitability failure message
 simple set information:
1. Sample set Run with running process stop on fault condition
2. Suitability evaluated by summarise custom fields. 
1.  first injection was processed in presence of analyst then analyst log off the system. 
2. Remaining injection of sample set was not processed and simple set aborted with system suitability failure message. 
3.  I have verified the project tablespace that found more than 200 MB.
So please suggest what is reason behind failure. 
 empower version 3 FR2 SR2 Hotfix 2


  • Is your run mode definitely Run and Process or Run and Report? Run Only will not process and hence store any results which can be evaluated against faults or limits. 
    Do you have limits set up in your processing method and is this processing method included in the method set used to acquire the data? 
    Is the processing set to Normal for the lines where you are evaluating injections?
    What exact faults are you setting up and looking for- for example %RSD, are the labels set up correctly? Are you using a custom field or acceptance criteria as a measure of faults?
  • I have verified all the condition mentioned in your answer like sample run with run and process,  custom field formula,  processing type is normal and limits in processing method are found OK. 
    injection being processed if we keep sample set Run Window and processing server window open. If we close both Window then processing gets stopped. 
  • I wonder do you have a setting in your System Policies which turns off any acquisition when you close the window. Check from the Configuration Manager:

    View:System Policies. User Account tab "Login Window Policies"

    Make sure the option "Don't allow applications to stay running after logging off" is not ticked. 

    Might be an issue with your processing server too, you shouldn't have to keep windows open for background processing to occur. Is it possible you are getting disconnections in this server? 

    Also, do you have to close the processing server window? Why not just leave it running but lock the screen? I never go near that window during day to day use, it just sits in the background. 
  • Let I will check system policy
  • It sounds like this is not the issue, but I thought to mention this anyhow:
    There is a system policy to allow Interactive system suitability WITHOUT setting Sample Set processing to Run and Process or Run and Report.  It allows interactive System Suitability in Run Only mode. In this case no results would be saved.
    If I worked in a regulated lab I would never invoke this policy.  I might have a Sample Set aborted automatically by the system, but without any results in evidence that showed WHY this sample set was aborted.
  • We have followed all the ideal conditions related to interactive system suitablity mode like run and process,  processing method attached in method set but processing gets stopped if we logoff 
  • Did you check that system policy I mentioned?

  • Yes I have checked and that enabled in my system

  • Maybe its a known issue or bug? Check the service notes for that version of Empower. Google should bring it up.
  • OK thanks