LACEs and Fat clients 7-->10 for OS - revalidate, reinstall Empower, both, neither?

We have build 3471, FR 2, SR 2, HF 2 which supports both Windows 7 and 10.
If we update our fatclient and LACE OS from W7 to W10, SOPs aside, will I need to do nothing for Empower, revalidate it, or reinstall & validate?

I'm hoping I'm far from the first reader of this forum to go through this...

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    Our hardware is too old to be able to update to WIn10. So much not choice for us aside from purchasing new hardware with Win10, installing and validating.

    We might actually have 2-3 lace boxes that can be upgraded. Those will be handled in the same way.

    It's always best to do things as cleanly as possible. I would wipe the drives, install Win10, install Empower, run SQT, and demonstrate instrument connectivity and control.

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    Definitely verify your Lace box hardware are supported for the upgrade.

    Definitely perform the SQT for each Lace configuration. If you can use one Lace config for each and every lace/instrument, it helps a lot.

    You can then leverage the SQT; clone it to other laces boxes (no SQT required on the clones). Run the connection/control verifications on each instrument and poof... done! ... right? :)


  • OK. As suspected, I was overly optimistic about the possibility of updating the OS w/o disturbing the other apps. For those PCs getting an upgrade (as opposed to replaced), I'll remove/reinstall Empower, then do the val. after the OS upgrade.

    Yay for job security!
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    Related to OS upgrade from W7 to W10, will likely make a new thread as I dig into it. We got new PC's and installed/SQT W10 and E3FR4. However the OS build will be out of support this spring. What are your sites doing with the Microsoft W10 OS changing build versions? In place upgrade testing will show if all still works. I suspect it will. However we don't get to stay on an old W10 version for longer that 30 months. Monthly Security patches seem to be accepted w/o change control. (?) Will the OS changing version be the same? Just wondering your thoughts.. ~ regards, John

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