Empower report error


anybody seen this error and how to correct this in Empower report ?

Font size goes insanely large although font -139 !

One of many annoying glitches


  • Yep, I see this all the time. I think it has something to do with both the amount of times the report has been edited and if you have a long table title for the tables in your report. If you leave the title on the table until you are happy with the report and no edits are required that should be a fix for it. But it is a common error with the reports. if you see it, click out of table, then double click the space where the table was (it temporarily disappears) and it will open again normal size.

    Very annoying, yes.

  • Thanks

    The disappearance of tables is another annoyance along with correct and constant grouping and ungrouping of headers, chromatograms and tables

  • Yes, it does have a lot of issues like that. I always try to know exactly what I want as grouping and filters etc before I make it to limit the number of versions. Also, when you add different groups to a composite, you have to put in all the order by and filter composite settings again!
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