Can you copy table preferences in a sample set from 1 project to another?

I made a sample set template in a project and set up the order of sample custom fields and which fields were visible and invisible and I had it the way I wanted it. I did File Save Table Preferences As and called it Desired Sample Set View. But when I copied it over to several other projects the view of the sample set defaulted to "Sample Set Method" view and the order is not what I want at all. I thought the table preferences would copy over to any subsequent project? Surely you don't have to set up that table preference in each and every project you want it viewed in?


  • There is some nuance with preference copying, it works.... sometimes. 

    One question first, do you have access to the Configuration Manager? The user preferences are stored by project and user. They can be copied using the Configuration Manager in the View toolbar menu, it's called "Copy Preferences...." If the answer is yes, you can copy preferences from a source project to a target project(s). Its a bit glitchy, but may work.
  • Short answer - yes.

    Can you select Desired Sample Set view in the new projects in the Run Samples (I think the box says Apply Table Preferences) view or is this view not present at all?
  • If you have a Master project (from which you derive your subprojects), try setting the View as Default in that and then create a new project.

    If you want to set the prefs for the existing projects then Configuration Manager is your best option although it might work, it might not.
  • Yeah its a strange one- I set up another sample set table preference as default and when I copied this sample set to various projects, it all landed looking the exact same as the source project, even with the table preference name. But yet when I tried again, it reverted to default "Sample Set Method" table layout. I don't have access to copy properties, sadly. 
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