Does anyone have an electrical power backup module (UPS) on standby for their LC System?


What are some reputable brands?


  • I've used tons of APC units in the past. The batteries usually last at least 3 years. I'd recommend the BR900G for most LC applications where power issues are generally limited to brief spikes, brown-outs and outages. Either go bigger or use 1 UPS per LC if your lab tends to have longer outages. Pay attention to the specs, though. They have different models with slightly different price points whose only difference might be how fast they can recharge after an outage. I usually attached either 2 2695s and their UV detectors, or one system and a LAC/E to one UPS. QDa, UPLCs (if many components are involved) may require more UPSs. Check their current requirements against the ratings of your UPS to figure out what you can plug in without overloading it.
    UPSs have saved a TON of data over the years for me. The BR900G can handle an LC or two fairly cheaply. There are larger UPSs that can cover larger current draws for longer times, but the pricing is non-linear, and they get heavy quickly. Also, the battery swapping can be more of a chore as they get larger. If you are cost conscious, know that the battery packs can be replaced with individual pairs of batteries. All you have to do is remove the stickers and reuse the frame and wires that connect everything.