Needle wash solution

Needle wash bottle was found empty during 2 consecutive days in the HPLC system, 500 ml were prepared for each runs which is a normal system is more than enough.
Could be that system is taking more needle wash than normal, as a result we had a BKT failure as the bottle was empty.

Method is saying needle wash should be extended.
HPLC alliance 2695 with 3.04 firmware version

Could you please GIVE SUGGESTIONS?


  • MJS
    If the method says "extended," has it always said that or was the method updated recently?

    Is it possible there's a leak and that the bottle was positioned above the system and effectively just draining out?
  • Dear MJS, 
    Thank you for your reply. valve 4 is not working properly. Thats why solution is draining out. We changed the V4 and working fine. Thank you