Software for method development

(perhaps not totally Waters related but still).

Does your company use software assisted method development? Any feedback on the usage? AFAIK, DryLab is not yet directly connected with Empower and I'm not sure about ChromSword or ACD Labs software pockage.


  • Pretty sure there is connectivity to DryLab. It might not be as advanced or two way as Fusion’s link. 
  • Furthermore, the seminar will feature that an automation is possible through the seamless integration of DryLab®4 software to Waters Empower chromatographic data system on multiple levels: batch creation and acquisition of inputs required for a 3D Design Space, model and setpoint verifications and experimental confirmation of the model's robustness.
  • Heather,

    I saw that abstract too and I wonder if it's about the future version(s) of DryLab because I was told that DryLab was not completely integrated with Empower yet but that they are working on it. This was at the end of 2018.
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