Question about ordering of data in Empower 3 report

I run a test which comes in 3 parts ie Batch #1 which is 20 samples, Batch #2 another 20 samples and Batch #3 again 20 samples. BUT they may not be run in that order, meaning Batch #2 may be run Monday, Batch #1 on Wednesday etc. I want a peak table in a summary by all report of SampleName, Amount and Adjusted Amount (Amount*CConst1) to display in order of Batch number so I have a sample, enum called Batch_Position with entries of 1, 2 and 3 in the sample set.

When I order my peak table by Date Acquired and Channel ID, it displays all the batches from 1-20 etc in order of when they were run so Batch 2 could be first then Batch 1 etc so I took out those ordering parameters and had as the Order by "Batch_Position" Ascending followed by Name ascending, and Grouped by Name (two actives in my product) and now my order is all over the place and I don't know why. Im getting samples 1 to 10 of Batch #1followed by Samples 12, then 11, then 16, then 15!! Its not displaying in order. Same with Batch #2 etc. The only way I can order it neatly is by Channel ID but of course its not in order or Batch 1,2 3 that way. I know column or row data is ordered from 0-9 or A-Z but is there another way to just order it by Batch_Position ascending regardless of when it was ran? Is there another field that's throwing off the ordering somehow. 

PS I only have as a Data Filter condition Sample Type = unknown. 


  • Sort by label. Label batch 1 samples U0101-U01nn, Batch 2 U0201-U02nn and so on. Second ordering entry should be date acquired. That should pretty well cover it.
  • Thanks Dan, when you say order by Label do you mean Label ascending as first ordering condition the Date Acquired ascending as second? So my Batch #1 label is U01?? then Batch #2 is U02?? and Batch #3 is U03??. As long as the labels are in order like that, it shouldn't matter if they are run on different days?

    I presume the Date Acquired order is to keep all the values sequentially and neatly together?

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    The other option would be to view all as results, hit the control key and click on everything in the order you want it processed in, then make it a process only sample set. Tedious, complicated, but it may just work. If you do that and go for all standards, then samples in the order desired, you could just process all "normally" and be done w/ it (unless you're doing nested brackets or something other than grand average). Personally, I'd go with the ordering options as you can repeat it all easily in the future.
  • Thanks Dan. The ordering by label sounds much better. I always wondered why, when I took out Date Acquired as a condition, my data was all muddled up and out of order. Date Acquired as a secondary sort must tidy up the look of the data when its complimented with the first condition.
  • Just to add to this...for things like content where samples may be split across brackets or, for R&D purposes we are given less than the standard quantity of 10, I've created a "GroupBy" sample field (entered appropriately each sample in the sample set).  I then use this to group results on the report for summary calcs like %RSD across the batch.  This has the added benefit of not messing with my processing instructions for the brackets which of course rely on the labels.  Using this in conjunction with the previously discussed sorting may be beneficial.
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