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Is there any way to see user history in Empower?  Specifically, is it possible to see which projects were accessed by a specific user?  The Analytics tool is very general and not attributable to a project.

Our project structure includes over 75 client projects, each with 4-5 sub projects for each procedure.  It would be helpful to see how much testing is occurring in certain projects for specific users.

Thank you!

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    Presuming you have Full Audit Trail activated, set up a view Filter in the Audit Trail and maybe for the User Name enter a JIT filter of =#. Then open Global Project View which is a view of all projects which come from within one parent and activate that view filter and enter the name of the user. This wont work for all projects though as Global Project View only works with one project and the sub-projects within it. 
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    The capability exists to cross projects in the global project viewer. Check for the highlighted icon in the Global viewer toolbar menu. Its called "Projects Available", and its a bit cumbersome.


  • @medicnman thanks for that! So does that include projects from different sub projects? So if I had 3 sub-projects from Parent Project A open in Global Project View, and I wanted to add another project from Parent Project B, would this tool (Projects Available) achieve this?
  • We do have FAT.  I completely forgot about the Global Project view.  I'll give that a go and see what I come up with.

    Thank you very much!

  • @Empower2018 Yes, you should be able to view sub-projects from different parents. I must is cumbersome. Aggregating data is difficult with global view, but finding outliers or patterns across projects works well. Overlays are the oft-reason I find myself using it. We've asked Waters for some streamlining of the selection method. We may see this happen in a distant future service release. 
  • Hi again, I tried this today at work and yes, its very cumbersome in that there seems to be some background delay when you add a project to the current Global Project View in the Projects Available toolbar, all you get is a delay of about 20 seconds before the screen loads. I would imagine, like the Impurity feature in Empower 3, this may take a few updates before its used more often. 
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