Does a Result, Enum custom field work the same as a Peak, Enum?

I have a Result, Real, Custom Field called Detector_Noise_Factor which is written as (Detector Noise*100) and I want to return several outcomes based on the result, because there is only 1 result per chromatogram. Can I use Result, Enum the same as I would Peak, Enum? I was thinking of a Result, Enum, Calculated, for only unknown samples ( I presume the peak type is greyed out?) along the lines of:

ENUM(LTE(ROUND(Detector_Noise_Factor,-2),100000),(RANGE(ROUND(Detector_Noise_Factor,-2),100000,2000000),GTE(ROUND(Detector_Noise_Factor,-2),20000)) with the 3 translations set to "Use As Field", 0 being Invalid, 1 being Too Low and 2 being Detector_Noise_Factor (fc). 

Will this work, or will Result Enum only return Position or Value or Text in the translation table? I haven't seen many Result Enum formulas out there..

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    With the way you have your limits setup your custom fields will blow up at a result of 100,000 and 200,000. You generate a true answer for two parts of your enumerated list at the same time. I believe this will cause the ENUM field to stop at the first true condition, which may cause you problems.

    You need to code the LTE as LT and the GTE as GT. You can then leave the range the same.


  • Result field example: 
    This will probably work with a little fiddling.
  • Field is an available option in the configuration for an ENUM, so I imagine it should work.
  • Well spotted shaunwat. 

    As it happens, I tested this today using firstly a Result Real CF called AVE(Area) and called it Ave_Area, then a Result, Enum along the lines of ENUM(LT(Ave_Area,100000),GTE(Ave_Area,100000)) with use as set to position and two simple text translations as output for the true or false translations. Worked fine and I could view the results when reviewing my sample set under the "Results" window, I didn't have to use Summarize Custom Fields, presumably because the CF is on the result level and requires no additions or averaging across different injections. 

    Although I have seen several Result Real CFs in the lab, I have actually never seen a Result Enum, they must not be very popular as almost all the ENUM formulas are on the Peak level. 
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