Empower 3 Feature Release 5


when is FR5 expected for release in 2019 ?


  • Word on the street...FR5 will release before the end of July.
  • Thanks .

    The upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 first .. anybody have plans for this ?

  • Our IT department is delaying upgrading Empower on account of server side advantages to FR5. Once FR5 is released, we will be given the green light to advance.

    Our lace boxes are currently Windows 7 builds and are no longer supported or desired by both IT and corporate.

    I work for a rather large company and this is going to be a massive deployment for us over multiple sites across the US. Our European facilities are on a similar path that I am not intimately involved with.

  • A few docs have been posted on the support page...declaration of conformity, release notes, admin guide, and install guide.
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    Any useful new functions mentioned in the release notes?
  • It really depends on your existing Empower version.
  • Thanks.

    I honestly can't see who will use "Privilege to ‘View Numerical and Textual Results in Review’" although I hope FDA won't push for it in the future.
  • Yeah DavidHPLC that seems like a crazy option to tick when you want analysts to review data that could be changing constantly. 
  • Hi

    White paper on subject


    Why only give option to see 2D chromatogram and process and you will onlt see chromatogram ?

  • That white paper is exactly in line with the reason why I assumed this feature was added. Sadly, I also foresee an FDA push for this for the exact reasons discussed.
  • Hi .. I think I am a little confused here

    are they (regulators) saying users can integrate and view outcome without having to save the result ,, and can reintegreate multiple times until obtain result required (then process as result set), which in the end is checked and QA approved  ?

    So would this mean acquire data - process with no integration - then add integration parameters a step at a time - process with step 1- etc 

    ie compare what it was before and after and confirm final integration 

    that means many 100s of result sets !

    Wont the technical and knowledge aspect of integration be lost ?

  • There are multiple options when it comes to these restrictions. You don't see the Area field or the calibration curve or .. But people will just make their own CFs for calculating results so this is just a security theater

    Basically you'd integrate the data based on how it looks visually, process that, see results, reintegrate, hope you got it right this time, reprocess...

    In a perfect world methods are perfect, samples are perfect, integration is easy, sample parallels give identical chromatography. .. In that world this might be a good addition but I don't see nor value nor need for it in real world labs today.
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