Naeem Khan

Dear All hope you shall be fine. i am using waters alliance 2690 coupeld with waters 2465 ECD detector. i am facing a problem that while running ecd in the software it show system idle instrument failure . and on the ECD screen it shows Remote none. athough there is no run on empower. i tried all possible ways by checking com settings,make it offline and online but it not working..kindly if some one face the same problem and give me the solution. shall be highly obliged


  • Hello.  If you are still having difficulties, please go to and submit a ticket so one of our experts can assist you.   Thank you.
  • Check com port settings.
    Bits per second: 38400
    Stop bits: 1
    Parity: none
    Data length: 8
    Flow control: none
    If possible restart pc and instrument.
    Still not working use eSATIN module to acquire analog data.
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