Best way to match a custom field with a spec?

I have a cf which is Area/CCalRef1(Area)*100. My method states the value must be greater or equal to 0.2 therefore to 1 decimal place. Ive seen several ways to get Empower to recognize precision and spec. The cf is called Percent_Impurity. So i would code a peak bool cf like GTE(ROUND(Percent_Impurity,-1),0.10). Use as field and return Percent_Impurity for the positive translation.another way is to keep the spec flexible and write it as GTE(Percent_Impurity,ROUND(CConst2,-1) and throw 0.2 into CConst2. It goes in as 0.200000000 so rounding to 1 decimal place matches the spec. 

I have also seen it done by adding the 5 to the spec such as GTE(Percent_Impurity,0.145) because this value is the lowest value that will display as 0.2 to 1 decimal place. Is there any technique thats better or worse than the other?


  • I think the flexibility of the CConst would be the winner for me.  It would allow for the potential of a spec change at some point in the future without having to update a cf.  It would also be very beneficial if you have other methods/products now or in the future with differing criteria such that it allows you to consistently use the exact same custom field for all methods/products/etc. and makes it far easier to manage across multiple projects as they are consistent.

    On the flip side, if you feel that your user base is not going to be able to consistently enter the correct value in their PM such that people are constantly re-processing, you may be better off with specifying the value in the cf, but in the end, this is a basic training issue that anyone should be able to handle.
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