Reviewing data using modifed overall standard layout

I ran 100 samples but I included a system suit before the run which was of a different concentration to the other standards and when I open the raw data with the method set and apply, I notice the calibration curve has all the points on it when I'm cycling through the injections so for my component it has a calibration curve with not only all the points from the same standard on it but also the points from the 6 system suit injections which is kind of altering the result. but I have a clear calibration line in the sample set so when I batch process it its fine in the result set (ie only uses the points after the clear calibration line). Is there no way I can get Empower to recognize this line when reviewing the sample set?

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    Sample set function instructions only come into play when processing but not in Review.

    I do the same as MJS (click std set, clear, click new std set).


  • hi ,

    Select calibration curve tab and tick 'ignore points' you don't want to include in curve , then calibrate - quantitate on unknowns

    Or change sample type for SST from standard  

  • Hi ydan1977 yes I never realised you could just change the sample type of system suit to unknown. But besides that and the ignore function there isn't really anything else you can do to avoid this issue? It will make reviewing data less accurate if the sample set instructions don't kick in on review. We run in Run Only mode so the "real" amounts wont kick in until the sample set is batch processed and Empower reads the clear calibration line. 
  • I'm not aware of any way to automate it.  I've always manually cleared the calibration (Edit-Clear Calibration within the review window), clicked on the stds I care about, then clicked into the samples to quantify and see the preview of the "final" result.  It has always been a bit tricky to accurately preview samples that use bracket calibration.
  • Thanks all, I suspected I wouldn't be able to fix this without some sort of fiddling around with the standards and or samples during review. The inject samples for system suit is a good idea though, as I only need RSD and Tailing values from these injections. 
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