Empower 3 report table is overlapping header

I have a header in Empower 3 which is basically a grouping of two fields (System Name and Sample Set Name). I threw a default rectangle around it, shade grey for affect then grouped them all together. I also have a table of amounts which spills over 2 pages, the first page is fine but the second page- the table headers are overlapping half of this box, spilling into the header and obscuring it- ive tried raising up the header a bit, or decreasing font on the table but no matter what I do to arrange it, it always spills over! Is this a known bug or have I corrupted the report somehow? 

Does anyone know how to create a fixed space between header and content without overlap?


  • Does your default printer match the printer you send Empower stuff to?
    Citrix print queues? Fat client or Citrix client? Please provide more information as I suspect that there are several possible origins for problems like this.
  • HI Dan, its a citrix client and I don't normally print the report, we attach in to SDMS. I did check that setting in the report method where it said use printer defaults and I ticked it but the result was still the same. I suspect this is a small issue that can be fixed with margin edits etc but I cant see the answer right now.
  • Cracked this. There is a blue border line when you insert any header in an Empower 3 report. any groups which overlap this line is going to cause table content to overlap any header groups. Once I kept the grouping within the header above this line, it looked fine.
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