Labels for unknowns in Empower 3 can you use the same one for multiple samples?

Do you need to use the suggested labelling layout in Empower 3 for calibrating and quantitating standards/samples? If I ran 10 samples bracketed by 2 standards can I call the two standards just S and the 10 unknowns U and for Calibrate call the Label Reference S and Quantitate call the Label Reference U, and Empower will still calibrate BOTH standards labelled as S and then use this curve to quantify ALL samples labelled as U? I know the suggested layout of S0101 etc is useful but I just want to know will Empower still include standards/samples which have the same label or will it only include the first one?

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    Yes, you can use the same label and it will work as you intend. Empower is otherwise "dumb" until you give it things to "make it smart".

    For reporting, trashing a unique label will remove your ability to filter samples or injections in any manner.


  • Thanks shaunwat, I hear what you are saying about filtering. I knew I read somewhere that Empower treats all labels for standards and all labels for unknowns as the same. 
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