Copying information between projects Empower 3

Can anyone shed light on this? It says in Empower 3 Help that when you are copying a method from one project into a project with an identical method name, you get a dialog box and you either pick Yes and then the method is copied and goes up a version or Cancel and no copying occurs. I understand this but when you copy over raw data like Sample Sets or Channels. the associated instrument methods and sample set methods are also copied over. Quote:

"If you click No, copying continues but the identically named method in the destination project is not overwritten. Although identically named methods from the source and destination project exist in the destination project, you cannot edit the copied source method"

I don't get that part. Does that mean that if you select No and copied over the method that's it essentially locked and no further edits can occur?


  • I believe it means that the version you brought over is only associated with data you brought in. So if you use ‘view as’ or reporting, or open in review you will see that method.
    It won’t overwrite the latest version of the method you see in the Methods tab, or if you ask Empower to open or process with that method name. (Or acquire if it is a method set or instrument method.)
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