Plot Tab "Overlay" Grayed Out

I am wondering if anyone knows why the Plot Tab "Overlay" function is grayed out in review view. Is there any way to overlay chromatograms while you are processing data for the first time and setting up a new processing method? I would like to be able to compare chromatograms as I am naming my peaks.

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    You might want to repost this in the Informatics discussion group...
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    you can overlay channels or results, but not injections samplesets or result sets. From these data types, in the project view, right click View As.. to channels or results to allow overlay in Review. Either stacked or Unstacked overlay. 


  • *Using Waters Empower 3 software
  • 2D or 3D Data? From channels, injections or sampleset?
  • 2D data...I would like to overlay chromatograms while I am processing data for the first time. I can "compare" to overlay channels or results but it is not quite what I am looking for. Thanks!
  • I believe you can overlay results, and not result sets... 
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