Grinding noise during needle initializing 2695


I am working on a Waters 2695. When I turn on the machine and it is going through its diagnostic checks, it is a returning an error for "needle malfunction". Before the error occurs I can hear the electric motor on top of the needle assembly trying to bring the needle to the highest point. I have tried starting it from the lowest point and the motor raises the needle to its highest point and then continues to attempt to raise the needle higher, causing an awful grinding sound. After ~10 seconds of this grinding the machine stops, and the error is produced on the machine's screen. 
Does anyone have any experience with this error? Is this a motor issue, an alignment issue, or perhaps something I am not understanding? 
Any insight into this problem would be very helpful. 

Thanks in advance, Justin


  • jkelley
    Hi Justin, Have you seen our Waters Knowledge Base? Lots of great information in there and answers to questions like yours. Check it out:

    If the answer to your question is in a customer facing article, you can even search for it using a search engine like Google.


    Justin Kelley