Saving a report method as an earlier version?

I have often saved processing methods as older versions for a number of reasons but now I need to update a report method with a new custom field and some minor graph layout changes and im wondering is it better to just File Save As and do a new report or just update the existing tables/graphs with the new CF and save the current report?

The reason being I have already signed off multiple result sets with the current version of the report method- if an auditor ever needs to see what version of a report method a result was signed off with, can I find the Report ID and more importantly can I save an earlier version as current in case I need to use it again? Will putting in a new CF and then backtracking to an earlier version where that CF didn't exist cause problems?


  • you can bring any earlier version current. However, there really is little need to find and use a specific report method to see how data was signed, as a pdf of the signed report "a snapshot" of the actual report is saved for each sign off action. ( unless you switched that off somehow)
  • Thanks Heather, we do have that privilege set up in our company but some of the managers are scared of overwriting report methods in case "it needs to be accessed again". Now my understanding of Empower 3 is that the database behind it, Oracle, never really overwrites anything like methods, results or calibration curves and that previous results can all be linked to the raw data connected to it. 

    I would be adding three new custom fields to the report method so it would look a bit different to the original but I imagine all report methods have multiple versions of it, and im only altering table fields and not changing out the general layout so im going to overwrite the current version. All versions and differences can be seen in the audit trail. 
  • Hi Heather... how do you go back and pull up that snapshot report that was embedded into the database?

    I've always been curious about this, but have never tested the functionality.

    Is it as simple as selecting the signed off result set and utilizing the same report used to signoff on the data? If the report was modified, Oracle will know it and revert to the version of the report that was used when signoff occurred?

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    Simpler even... go to the sign off and click or double click on the sign off to open the pdf generated at sign off, providing it was turned on in System Policies. Its not using a report method again, as it made a contemporaneous pdf at the point of sign off. Useful especially when using summary reports, so you know exactly the results that were summarized.
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