How do you calculate a custom field using a Component Value with a Curve Reference?

When I select a Curve Reference in the processing method components tab to quantitate a component using the calibration curve of another component, I'm not able to access any values in the component editor (e.g., Value or Purity (Vial)) whereas I can access them if I use "Default Pk" with the standard component.  Is there any way to access these values other than associating them to a another input reference (e.g., CCompRef1[Value])?  I'm trying to make the custom fields as intuitive as possible.

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    Your sample set contains the component editor, not the processing method.  Is the issue that you don't have permissions or just don't know how?  I'll assume you just don't know how with the following: If you've acquired your data, navigate to the sample set...right-click and choose Alter Sample.  From the new window with all your samples, then highlight the ones you want to edit the amounts for (value, purity, etc.) and click the menu "edit" and select "amount" or click the shortcut button for "amount."  Edit the values as necessary and save it all.

    The curve reference in the processing method is in case you are using relative response you have a cal curve for Component#1, but want to use that to quantify Component#2 as they are similar in their peak area response.  You can tell Empower that for component#2, use Component#1.  You could mark Component#1 as a default peak which would mean that Empower will try to use Component#1 values for everything it possibly can for lots of different calculations.

    So, what custom fields are you trying to make as general quantification like this requires no custom fields?  You just need to enter the right info up front in the sample set and properly configure the processing method to use it.  Things like the CCompRef fields don't need to come into play unless you have some intersample calculations.
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    It looks like you've got 2 threads for the same issue...I responded in the other one as well.  Based on the clarification on the other thread...something like CCalRef1 or CCompRef1 should work just fine.


  • The sample set contains the component editor, and the processing method contains a components tab.  I can input Value and Purity for both Standard and Unknowns (Samples) in the components editor of the sample set, and would like to quantitate "Peak 2" using an RRF by selecting "Peak 1" as the Curve Reference in the processing method's components tab.  The issue arises when trying to access the "Peak 1" Value or Purity associated to an Unknown injection (Sample injection) when quantitating with the "Peak 1" Curve Reference.  The "Peak 1" Value or Purity show up as blanks, or empty fields, under this situation.  I'm trying to make a custom field for external quantitation of impurities using RRF for drug products with different label claims among sample, and different label claims for the same sample with different APIs (e.g. drug combo).  I appreciate your help.
  • There are two threads for different minor issues related to the same major issue.  Thanks!
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