Using Curve Reference in Custom Field?

Where is the Curve Reference variable when building a custom field?  I'm trying to build a custom field that utilizes the name value of the Curve Reference, but it doesn't seem to be available in Empower 3 FR2.

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    Hmm...I would bet for what you are looking for, you might want to consider using the CCalRef1 field at the top of the component tab of the processing method.  Set that to Peak 1.  Then, in your custom field, you could use it to reference a value from Peak something like this:


    If there's a chance you have multiple calibration peaks, then maybe use the CCompRef1 instead.


  • What do you mean by "name value?" want to use a specific calibration curve to quantify future injections?

    There's the "Calibration ID" value that can be used within custom fields, and of course the various polynomial variables (A=y-intercept, B=slope...for quadratic/linear calibrations vs C and higher for higher level polynomial fits).
  • Thanks for assisting me MJS.  I would like to access the name of the peak that is specified in the Curve Reference field.  For example, if "Peak 1" is specified in the Curve Reference field to quantitate Peak 2, I would like to access "Peak 1" in a custom field, or more specifically, the Value in the Alter Sample Component Editor that is specified for Peak 1, but associated to a Sample, not the Standard.
  • There are multiple calibration peaks.  CCompeRef1 does seem like the best approach then, albeit, redundant and non-intuitive.  Thanks MJS!
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