Processing a run that didnt run to completion?

For sample sets that stop halfway through a run due to instrument failure, if you process this sample set, does it recognize any function lines like Summarize custom fields or Report even after samples that weren't acquired because of a failure. What about calibration curves in a bracketing standard with overlap structure? If you only acquired one of the two bracketing standards before the run cut out, would the samples just not contain amounts because of the Don't Process or Report ?

Im specifically talking about processing sample sets where you wanted to recover at least some results for development purposes, does Empower just skip the lines in the sample set that weren't acquired right down to the functions like Report or Calibrate or as mentioned Summarize Custom Fields so you can gather some summary CFs data?

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    Yes, Empower will skip what isn't there and will continue with the summary functions, etc at the very end of the sequence.

    For purposes of clarity during an audit I have always asked analysts to set the samples that were not injected to Don't Process or Report and comment in the audit trail when saving this change that this was being done on account of an instrument error at line XX on the sample set. Of course this is easily traceable in Empower on account of the RED font color used for lines of the sample set that were not injected. However, this is not so obvious for a data package that has been printed on a black and white printer for an audit[or] review...

    Though you do need to be mindful that the electronic data is the original, you also don't want to give the appearance of wrong doing on printed copies :)  


  • Thanks Shaunwat, I had a few runs recently that stopped before the whole sample set ran but I had a quantitate function and label set as last line so when I processed an incomplete run, only results that ran were included in the amounts, same if only one bracket standard ran. 
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