Why multiple results generate upon processing a 3D data once??

Dear Concern,
I have processed a 3D HPLC data in empower software using specified processing method and method set, But it generated 10 results though I have processed only once. Result generation times are same for all the results. 

Can anyone explain why it generated 10 results for processing the data once!!!

Thanks in advance


  • You can only process 3D data with a method set not a processing method. Did your method set used in the run contain the derived channels required along with a corresponding processing method- are you extracting certain wavelengths? If so, you need to derive a channel for each wavelength and pick PDA single wavelengths. Did you create a PDA processing method?

    If you did the above, did you set up bracketing standards and maybe didn't set your processing line to Don't process or report for the unknowns which would have generated two results- once off the previous standard and another off the labelled standard. We need more info to help. 
  • It has a range of 190-400 nm and I extracted data at 205 nm. As far as I know, when method set is not synchronized with processing method it creates multiple result. But I need to know the specific reason why it creates multiple results making sometimes 3  or 5 or 7 in numbers.. 

    From my previous experience, I have found 3, 5, 7, 10 results for processing a 3D data once. And among them only the last result have the peaks labelled and others are 
    not labelled, though peaks were integrated on the other results as the last one.

    It would be helpful if you can explain the issue.

  • To double check :

    use method set to process 3D channels and derive channels ,, or what channels were collected in instrument method ?

    de- activate 'Save extracted channels'

    Only channel derived should be 205nm

    Multiple results - check alter sample set as discussed above

  • You could check that you truly only have one extracted channel in the method set.  I've had issues where an analyst has inadvertently modified the method set to extract the channel multiple times which has created multiple results.  It took a little re-training for some to clarify what they were doing that was causing this (usually by playing around with the wavelength used for generating the chromatogram).
  • You might find that analyst actions in Review, followed by "save all" added a bunch of new derived channels into the Method Set.
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