Database error - unable to continue


Getting error : Database error ; unable to continue which results in not been able to see chromatograms when PDA collected (method set required for PDA)

Tablespace is fine with plenty of free MB

Message centre also reports 'chrom map view of file failed'

WKB2502 quotes corrupt sample set method and create new sample set method from scratch , but how when data already collected



  • Hi,

    This error could also be caused by a memory leak. Take a look at this KB article -

    Good luck!
  • Hi

    Thanks , indeed could be memory leak , though what is the solution ?

  • Hi ,

    further discussion and search suggests this is a known problem when a 3D sample set has been processed multiple times

    Tablespace - ok

    Error message centre - chrom map view failed

    Is RAM an issue and /or upgrade to FR3 required ?

  • Hi ydan, this is a known issue when processing PDA sample sets, and is made worse if there are any peak custom fields connected to various channels in the run as the calculations are increased by the number of peaks in each sample and the sample set as a whole. The tablespace doesn't cause this but the amount of disc space or memory used will increase a large amount the more PDA data is acquired and processed. 

    Check in the project properties under "Current Size of Raw Data Files in Directory" and check against the max storage of your raw file directory, it may need to be increased. Or keep any space to a minimum by only running the custom fields you need, only run one test per project (eg related substances etc) and edit custom fields so that only unknowns or found peaks are calculated on. If you log off and on Empower that tends to wipe the memory too so that might help with reprocessing a run with no errors. 
  • Hi


    Where do I find 'max storage of raw data files '?

    Currently running :

    Current Size of Raw data files in directory : 3000 MB

    Database tablespace ; 400 MB Free 185 MB

  • Hi ,

    still no real solution here

    Creating processing method and method set from scratch does not seem to help

    Would copying sample set to another folder help (ie , therefore not processed multiple times in the new folder ?)

    Extra memory on the database sever perhaps help ?

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