Alter sample history and audit trial


How can I see alter sample history before I process a sample set?

for example sample set processed with incorrect std weights, purity perhaps 

Alter sample table - corrected for std weights - saved

Where can I see this change in values? 

audit trial does not give details

Surely you don't process with new std values (fingers crossed correct results obtained) then compare differences between result sets in audit trial  

And what happens if alter sample value are changed and sample set not processed ?

For checking the alter sample values will not be those used in result set



  • Check the result audit viewer icon on a result and it opens up a whole history from the result id to any differences between previous versions of the same result to sample set method history and actions etc. It defaults to 3 months before todays date so ensure to modify this to date of sample set creation or data acquisition to keep it relevant. 
  • Right click what ever you want to look at. Select method properties. Click the two versions of the method you want to look at. Click the "view differences" button.

    If sample values are changed, but never processed then you will never know. However, does this really matter because no data has been generated.

  • Hi , Thanks

    Audit icon and differences will be identified once sample set processed with new values

    I want to historical versions of alter sample

    For example custom field verification . If sample weights are changed then I need to process to obtain results set and CF value then review of previous CF becomes tricky

    Only most recent alter sample tables can be seen , doesn't seem right to me

  • Check the different versions of the sample set method in the Methods Tab, Right Click on properties and compare differences between different versions of it for a detailed list of what was changed. 
  • agreed

    but I want to show this component change and history of alter sample table before I process

    ie result set 1 - has that's say all 10 as factors in alter sample

    result set 2 - has that's say all 9 as factors in alter sample

    compare differences - not a problem

    alter sample table will only show most recent values ( ie 9) on review when looking at result set 1 correct ?

    so without processing or multiple processing and no history version of change in alter sample unless processed and compare diff ?

  • While you are in Alter Sample, if you right click on a line and look at Sample History, you will see the altered meta data. Some special meta data is saved in the Sample Set Method.... so comparing SampleSet methods or looking at the audit trail on the SampleSet method will show the changes. But most meta data changes are part of Sample History.
  • When in Alter Sample as well you can click on Edit< Edit Sample Set Information. Then in the box click View Sample Set Changes and a history of all the changes made will appear before you process it. 
  • Hi

    Thanks for information

    Unfortunately not available under data review user type

    Sample set history also shows no information

  • Did you have any samples selected before you picked Edit<Sample Set History and View Sample Set changes? It works fine for me when I have data selected. 
  • Under 'lab manager' user group you have the option to click on sample and Edit > View sample history

    Under data review not an option for privilege 'view sample history '

    Assuming this is part of privilege 'Alter Sample' and maybe conflict of interest here ?

  • This screenshot is from View Sample Set History. Only changes at the sample set level show here. changes to individual samples are shown by selecting the sample lines and then View Sample History.

    I'd need to have someone check, but my understanding is that anyone can open and view the Sample Information, component information etc and the privilege Alter Sample only should stop a user 'Changing and Saving" the sample information
  • It looks like privilege option is not available

  • edited April 2019
    You should see MOST changes in the Sample History, not the Sample Set history. Highlight the injection line, right click Sample History.

    You may need the Alter Sample privilege. I'll have someone check for you
  • We checked. The issue is that you have to select the line. Without the privilege you can’t select the line. Not sure if this is as designed. 

  • indeed , under current user type 'review' you cannot select a line so cannot view sample history , which is unfortunate
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