Empower 3 System Suit control charts - x axis?

Im reading up on these and it says on the Inform 2017 slidepack that you can use a sample custom field as x-axis as long as the run was collected with the custom field in place. I created a simple sample cf called Timepoint (Sample, Enum, Use as Text) with a dropdown list of options. I ran samples with entries in this cf and yet I still cant pick it as x axis- when I go to "Select X Axis from list" and expand the sample options, its just not in there...I tried making a fresh report, reprocessing etc but still no option. 

Any idea where im going wrong?


  • Does anyone have any idea how to get this sample custom field to go into the x-axis of the chart?? I know they might not be used much but according to Neil Landers Inform 2017 slidepack on control charts, it can be done as long as the sample set was acquired with the custom field in place and populated and yet I cant pick it. I wonder is the fact that its a sample enum rather than a sample text type that's limiting? Cant imagine that though. 
  • Hi ,

    In report are you looking at 'Summary Scatter Plot Area' then for X axis choosing from Sample tab or Peak ?

    could you not use dissolution option ?

  • HI ydan, I figured out what it was, all x axis need to of the sample real type in order to be selectable. 
  • nice one !
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