Hi All,
I have a question about empower software. If I inject multiple injections under multiple sample sets(same name). Is it possible to create one result set for those multiple sample sets? Is it possible?


  • Only if you create a "Process Only Sample Set" then process that to generate a result set. You create a Process only sample set by selecting all the injections/sample sets/channels you want, select Tools>Create Process Only Sample Set and the editor opens, where you can pick the order of your injections and you have the option to merge single injections into 1 (ie instead of 5 separate injections you have the same injection X5 or split into several injections). You can drag and drop and add new lines but you cant copy and paste. The only stipulation for the name of the sample set is it cant be called "Untitled". When you have it saved, any further edits can only be achieved through Alter Sample. You can process and report away as usual but you cant view as injections or channels.  
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