Connecting the ECD to an Alliance system

We are trying to connect the Waters Electrochemical detector 2465 to an Alliance system. However, W2465 does not appear for COM1 or COM2 under PC serial ports. We have manually set the COM port settings to the following:

Bits per second=38400

Stop Bits=1


Data length=8

Flow control=None


  • Hi,

    Have you looked for answers to your question in our Waters Knowledge Base? Lots of great information in there. You can even find KB articles by searching for them using a search engine like Google.

    Check out


    Justin Kelley
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    Justin, either post a relevant answer from the Knowledge base or don't post at all. If you want for people to acknowledge the existence of the KB, make a new thread about it. Don't go posting it in threads where people are searching for a specific solution.
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