Confused about Search Order of custom fields

If I have one sample set in my project and a standard labelled as S0101 and its injected 3 times, I set up a formula called S0101.%.SAME.AVE(Area) and set up 4 custom fields with the same formula but a different search order for each- Result Set First, Result Set Only, Outside First and Result Set First. 
So I process the sample set twice in order to have 2 result sets. I didn't change any integration or anything between processing. When I look at the 4 different result fields in my sample set, my results for Result Set First and Outside First are the same, because ultimately they both use the two result sets. What I don't get is that my result for Outside Only and Result Set Only are different! Should they not be the same as there are only 2 result sets in the project and the area values are the same so the average of the three areas in both result sets should be the exact same (result set only and Outside First) and yet they are different. I don't understand why, any thoughts?


  • It might be useful if you could share which ones are correct mathematically and maybe the area values and actual field results.  Determining how your result matches the actual data should be the first step (e.g. is Empower using the 3 results from Result Set #1 and only the first result from Result Set #2 for the mismatched results?).
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